SMT develops in collaboration with and for customers and surgeons Instruments, Implants, accessories and sets for human- and veterinary medecin.

We develop together with institutions like IPA Fraunhofer Institute or the University of Karlsruhe larger projects.

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Below an example for an easy development of an instrument:

In practice there are often problems with traditional operation procedures. So the surgeons are in a difficult situation. Thereby the OP-times get unnecessary long and cause higher costs.

Picture will be handed in later By talking with the surgeons, they can explain their problems and a proposal for solution can be worked out.
tl_files/pictures/Entwicklung/15-11-29-0700_130.jpg It follows the development of instruments by CAD. Three-dimensional drawings will be send by e-mail to the customer/surgeon. Thereby a first impression can be realized and wishes or changes are easy to enforce.

After approval of the model labelling, Rapid Prototype models will be manufactured quick and cheap on our 3D printer as trial model. The customer/surgeon gets these models for inspection. At this the function, handling and possibility for cleaning can be checked. Changes are still possible.

(Link to VideoZ-Printer450)

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After approval, the parts will be manufactured on our modern machines as short runs, the surface will be dealt with according to the instruction, assembled and tested.
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The instruments can now be tested, if necessary, on corpses to recognize possible improvements. Easy instruments can be directly used in the OP.

A good example for such a development is our Intramedulary Nail Extractor. This product was developed in collaboration with Doctor Ferber.