Generation of Energy

tl_files/pictures/Umwelt/Kaco Schraenke.jpg Manufacturing products and using raw-materials obligates to interact preferably economical with them. Thereby SMT decided to fabricate part of the needed energy in the form of electricity self. A solar inverter installation in size of 800 qm affords in best times 112 kw/h capacity. This nearly comes up to the need of our machinery. 

Nearly the whole roof area of our secound building is covered with 600 solar panels with a capacity of each 185 watt. The system stems from the german manufacturer KACO and guarantees a failure-free running over many years away. But if there should be an error, a control shield will inform you via e-mail about this event.




Protection of ressources

A rainwater saving with a volume quantity of ca. 13 000 litres assures in dry transitional periods the possibility to water the garden without coming back to the public network. Overdue rainwater drains away through a special cavity and will then be brought to the groundwater and won't be as normal lead into the canalization.

The whole company yard is equipped with cobblestones permeable to water to ensure a wide-area for percolation.

The accrueing metal and plastic chips, due to production, will be lead to recycling to be there melted down and assimilated to new material.

By the use of oil and solid cooling lubricants, we especially respect the compatibility of environment. The expended ones will be disposed professionally by depollution companies and will be partly remanufactured.


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SMT project GOHAN

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